Why, When and How to Choose A Tutor

When people think of tutors they think of high school students or university students tutoring each other french or something else on an American film - you never think you might have to hire one for your kids and so when your little one starts struggling at school, it's not many people's first choice to start hiring tutors. In this article I will advise you when its the best time to start thinking of a tutor, if your child really does need tutoring and what tutor you should choose (even if it's not me).

As soon as you see grades slipping or see that your child might not be coping at school, then it's the best time for a tutor - delaying this could cause them to unnecessarily fall behind in school curriculum or cause a possible drop in confidence levels essential to school. There are many differing signs that your child may need a tutor, falling marks, frustration and agitation with school or even a lack of enthusiasm. Students tend to lose interest when they aren't following what is being taught which is a definite cause for tutoring. Of course it is possible that your child is possibly bored in class and distracted, tutoring can help for this too - depending on what your child's need are tutoring, can be remedial or enriching. Simply put, the best time to hire a tutor is when you notice a deterioration in grades, a tutor will be able to introduce a gradual learning process which will result in less stress and more satisfied learners.

Choose a tutor who has the ability to make you or your child feel comfortable, someone who is currently studying or has studied something along the lines of what they are tutoring. Choose a tutor who teaches for the betterment of learners and themselves. Ensure good communication is present at all times and understand what the tutor is teaching, ask as many questions as needed and know that the tutor is there to be asked by the same question over and over again - that's their job, until you understand what has been taught your tutor has not done their job.

If you feel you may need a tutor to help your child with exam preparation it is best to speak to a tutor early enough. Most tutors are flexible and will be able to accommodate your needs and schedule. An earlier start also ensures that the tutor and student will be able to cover more material in a less hectic way.  If you leave it to the last minute, the tutor may only be able to help the student with test-taking techniques instead of learning the actual course content.


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