Who is Let’s Achieve Tutoring?

Like everything else, Let’s Achieve Tutoring started out as merely an idea... 
Hi! My name is Desré and as a student teacher living in a country with a matric pass rate of 37.3%, I understand that something has to be done to retake the academic power that has been exploited in our nation. Students are unable to complete their high school careers due to family poverty, poor choices or a multitude of other reasons. Tertiary education has become almost unattainable for the working class citizens and the government keeps dropping the matric pass rate (either to keep up appearances that the country is not in such a bad state or simply put - to keep the nation ignorant - the less we know or learn the easier for them to pull the wool over our eyes).
I am someone who had to go into the workforce directly after high school as we could not afford the tertiary education options - I always applied to places like UNISA (where I am currently studying) yet was never able to afford the registration fees, only in 2016 was I able finally take out a student loan and put myself in University (this alone brought along it’s own set of problems but I will discuss in posts going forward). I have always wanted to teach and always known that the day would come where I can help others who just want to learn. 
I am currently teaching English to an underprivileged Sotho speaking man in my community, our lessons are very broken but through this process I am learning a new language and I am able to help him communicate more effectively. I am constantly learning, through my tutor lessons I have improved my own knowledge tenfold - especially when I’ve tutored the little ones in Grade 1.
Through this tutoring company I hope to reach as many people as possible, I hope to learn as much as possible and I hope to keep costs for lessons as low as reasonably possible - because I believe that everyone should have the option of learning, whether the opportunity is taken or not is completely up to the decision maker. 
Thank for reading, and remember - “Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man, but sooner or later the man who wins is the man WHO THINKS HE CAN!” - Walter D. Wintle


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